A great read and a definite author to watch out for more.

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catalyst_anderson High school senior and brilliant science student Kate Malone is nearly every parent’s dream — motivated, intelligent, organized, hard-working. Only the only parent she has around these days is her father, Rev. Malone, and he’s often too busy preaching to her to actually listen to her. And the only thing she wants to talk about anyway is getting into MIT — the same school her deceased mother attended in her youth.

Laurie Halse Anderson’s Catalyst finds Kate floundering as she waits and waits for the letter from her top choice school — and her only choice school, as she didn’t feel the need to apply to college anywhere else. MIT is it. If it’s not MIT, it’s nothing.

As Kate goes out for runs to clear her head, the Litch family, her neighbors, are going through their own series of disasters. A fire sweeps across their property, landing oldest daughter…

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