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Special Education Teacher Job Description

Aspiring for a career as a special education teacher? Knowing numerous facets of a special education teacher job description will provide you with a better understanding of this profession. Keep reading to know more….

It is fact that teaching students with any form of disability is extremely challenging and more demanding than any other type of teaching jobs but it is equally rewarding, especially when it comes to job satisfaction. In the last year, career opportunities for special education teachers saw a significant growth and variety of job openings were recorded for posts of special education teachers. Right from public and private schools to hospitals and NGOs, special education teachers have been in demand in variety of teaching jobs. Aspirants who always wanted to pursue teaching profession can go through special education teacher job description and know the duties and responsibilities that need to be carried out in this profession.

Job Description for Special Education Teacher

It is obvious that a special education teacher will work with children who’re either physically or mentally challenged. A special education teacher will be teaching children with cerebral palsy or any type of sensory impairments. Some vital aspects of a special education teacher job description include teaching children with speech and language related problems, dealing with kids having mental disability like autism, emotional disturbances, ADHD; behavioral problems and anxiety disorders.

Special Education Teacher Responsibilities

  • Observe, understand and analyze a student’s behavior. In cases of behavioral issues, work towards behavior management.
  • Receiving adequate training by attending national and state level seminars related to teaching special children.
  • Keep oneself abreast with latest developments and news about reforms, policies, laws, rules and regulations regarding teaching students with special needs.
  • Maintain records of the student’s progress based on weekly, quarterly and monthly basis.
  • Work closely with parents, guardians and care takers to help students achieve goals and objectives.
  • Actively participate in organizing camps, sports activities and outdoor activities for students and ensure their safety remains unchallenged.
  • Assist students in medical care, diagnosis and tests.
  • Look after administrative works, including management of students behavioral records and patterns of improvement in behavior.
  • Collaborate with social workers, physiotherapists, psychologists, child counselors, speech and language therapists; to improve life of challenged children.
  • Study the student carefully; about their short term and long term learning disabilities
  • Incorporate learning resources, prepare chapters, lessons creatively to teach students concepts and basic things.
  • Mark assessment tests and maintain a track record of student’s progress.
  • Teach students with special techniques like Braille or helping students in learning lip reading and sign language in speech disorders.
  • Work closely with class teachers or individual subject teachers in explaining concepts to special children.

Now that you know about several duties that are an integral part of special education teacher job description, you must be willing to know how to become a special education teacher. Becoming a special education teacher requires you to obtain a bachelor’s degree in subjects related to education or those related to teaching special children. Mostly, master’s and research oriented degrees are preferred in many states. Teaching or intern experience is also a main criteria for getting hired in popular special education schools and colleges. Special education teacher salary has shown promises of betterment in the coming years, so you can be ready to take a plunge in this profession. Remember, in this field, learning never stops! Every day is a new day because every child is special!

The bottom line of a special education teacher job description is that a special education teacher must make sustained efforts to create a learning environment that is safe, secure, supportive and conducive for children with special needs. A special education teacher must focus with extreme care and concern on individual needs and learning of a child. The success of a special child in learning is no less than a lifetime reward for a special education teacher. If you have that care, love and practicality to deal with numerous aspects of this profession, you should move ahead to become a great special education teacher. If teaching special children becomes your love, then every task entailed in special education teacher job description will be a pathway for you to productively, creatively and blissfully utilize every waking hour of the day.

By Kundan Pandey
Published: 1/20/2011




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